Avoiding Back Pain as Autumn Nears Greg Lindberg Says to Put the Rake Down and Listen for a Moment

Greg Lindberg


The changing colors of the leaves are quite a beautiful sight in the fall. Yet, one thing is certain, after those leaves tumble to the ground, someone will need to rake them.

For many homeowners, raking leaves is not the most fun household chore. And, as Greg Lindberg explains, the end result is usually back pain.

Raking leaves and back pain do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, but to ensure one does not lead to the other, those doing the raking should proactively safeguard against it. Greg Lindberg relies on his to offer suggestions on preventing back pain from raking.

Stretch Before and After Raking: Let’s face it, raking leaves is an exercise. It is an aerobic activity, since most of one’s body is being used. When exercising at a gym or at home, there’s usually time allowed for warming. When raking leaves, the same holds true. Do not grab a rake before warming up and stretching. Your muscles will thank you, and you will minimize the risk of injury.

Extend the Job over a Few Days: If you live in an area with a lot of trees or have a large yard, odds are there’s going to be a lot of leaves to rake. The job could take longer than a day, which is fine. What is not fine, though, is not pacing yourself, because you want to complete the chore, today! Know your limits and take breaks when needed.

Use the Right Rake: Say you are six feet tall. You wouldn’t want to use the rake that someone who’s a foot shorter used? In addition, worn out rakes are not as efficient as a relatively new one. Rakes today, feature ergonomic options to protect your spine. Greg Lindberg says look into buying a high-quality rake with ergonomic features, especially for those who have had back pain experiences.

Remember How to Lift: One leaf is not heavy. Thousands of leaves in a bag are a different story. The key is to always lift with your knees and maintain good posture. Do not lift with your back. In addition, avoid bagging wet leaves, as they will certainly be heavier.  And, if possible, ask for help. It will quicken the job and make it more fun.

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